• Unspoken


    Behind the bows, onesies, Facebook & Instagram announcements, registries, and baby showers, I find that there is often an unspoken narrative. This narrative includes fear, uncertainty, disappointment, loss, guilt as well as feelings of inadequacy, depression, and anxiety. Whether this is a narrative that includes chronic infertility, miscarriage, peri-natal or postnatal depression/anxiety, or simply the pesky yet debilitating “mom guilt”, it is a story that needs to be shared and deserves to be explored.

    With all of the beauty that comes along with pregnancy, birth, and motherhood, it also comes with a big responsibility. This responsibility extends not only to your children, but also to yourself. In my practice, I am passionate about working with women in all stages of their motherhood journey. This expands from pre-conception through parenting an adult child simply because one thing remains the same: a mother’s mental health and acceptance of imperfection is vital to being emotionally present and authentic both for themselves and their children.

    If you are considering starting a family, exploring the possibility of adoption, have been riddled with the pain of loss through infertility or miscarriage, are in need of peri-natal or post-natal support, or simply want to process any area of your journey, please contact me at Kelly@KellyAguirreLMFT.com or 626-275-2872.

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